• Tripp Crayton  We wish to welcome you to Seaforth High School, home of the Hawks!  As a school that fosters community, Seaforth is the newest high school in Chatham County Schools, where the last high school was built in the early 1970s. It will be exciting to create “first” traditions among our students, faculty, staff, and community as we shepherd the first classes to step foot on the sprawling campus. We want our students to be a part of the new beginnings. It’s not about one person or one group. It is about all of us coming together to meet the challenges faced, without unnecessary barriers. I am looking forward to building the foundation along with numerous traditions as we maneuver the school’s first year. We will face challenges, we will have barriers to overcome, and we will have to be prepared for anything that comes our way.

    We will strive to guide every student to be a leader in whatever aspects of the new school our students desire to undertake. Respect, responsibility, hard work, patience, dedication, and empathy will be needed as we embark on that journey toward graduation, where we all use our power to make ourselves strong academically.

    I began as a teacher back in January 1996, and I’ve been fortunate to serve as an administrator for nearly 20 years either as an Assistant Principal or Principal.  It has always been a goal of mine to open a new high school.  As an educator, I’ve always had mini-goals, or bucket-list type things.  Opening a new high school, building the foundation from day 1, has been one of my ultimate goals.  The past successes at my current and previous schools have contributed to giving me such an opportunity with opening Seaforth.

    To that end, we have the following goals for our new school:

    Develop a vision with a focus on promoting learning and teaching for students, faculty, and staff;

    Foster a community and family atmosphere where all stakeholders feel welcomed and respected from the beginning;

    Ensure that each of our students obtains the skills necessary as they prepare for life beyond high school;

    Create a positive, safe, and healthy learning culture where every student is treated with respect and dignity;

    Support our faculty, staff, and students in growing professionally and academically, where learning never ends;

    Build trust among all stakeholders with the understanding that our priority will be meeting the needs of our students.

    It’s an exciting time not only at Seaforth High School but in Chatham County Schools.  It’s going to be a great ride, and we look forward to our school community being a part of it all. 

    Tripp Crayton, Principal

    Fall 2022