• Traditional public schools are the hallmark of a healthy community. They drive private sector investment, job growth, residential expansion and community health. Traditional public schools are the anchor institution for families who will entrust their children’s education to the dedicated and highly qualified teaching professionals that work in the 19 schools across the 707 square miles of Chatham County.

    Families should feel that their school is providing the best possible education for their children. They should feel engaged with the school system through public participation in the many stakeholder engagement activities ranging from budget survey opportunities to participation in the many advisory boards such as the Digital Learning Advisory Board, Chatham Reads, and others.

    The Chatham County Schools brand therefore must reinforce these community expectations in all media forms. Families should see their faces and cultures reflected in the visual depiction of the school system, hear their children’s voices as they learn, and see inside our school classrooms to appreciate the hands-on engaged learning that occurs every day.

    Branding is what an organization does every day. It’s not a logo, a tag line, or a single piece of media like a website. Instead, it’s the feeling and instant reaction to the organization that is felt by stakeholders whether they’ve lived in Chatham County for 75 years or 75 days.

    This guide provides practical tips and strategies to unify our message, reinforce our brand, and live up to the community expectations.


    Download Our Brand Guide By Clicking Here! (PDF)

    District Logo & Variations (Google Doc)