Blended Learning Model: Flipped Learning

  • In a traditional classroom, teachers present material to students who then use their new knowledge to complete work at home. This leaves students completing the most difficult part of the task - applying new knowledge - when they have the fewest resources.

    Using the Flipped Model, students consume content (usually videos, slideshows, or articles) that the teacher has prepared, then apply their new knowledge in the classroom where the teacher is present. This allows students some control over the pacing of their learning. They can pause, rewatch, and/or reread material to ensure they understand it.

    Some teachers record themselves and their notes to create videos for students to watch. Others use resources like Khan Academy and even Youtube to find videos with great content for students to consume.

    In some situations, students consume content at home to prepare for the application activities in class. This provides the maximum amount of time for in-class activities. Other times, teachers provide time in class to watch or read. This allows the teacher to provide support to students who may be falling behind.

    Flipped Learning

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