• REGISTRATION NOTE: Schools are not collecting paperwork at this time. Please register with the appropriate online link below. When schools open, parents and guardians will need to provide:

    • a copy of the child’s certified birth certificate 

    • a copy of the child’s immunization records

    • NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form English / Spanish
    • two forms of documentation verifying the names and addresses of parents and guardians (examples include driver’s licenses, identification cards with pictures, rental agreements, utility bills, phone bills)

    • custody papers, if applicable

    For assistance creating a Parent PowerSchool account, please contact your child’s school directly.

    For any technical difficulties encountered during the enrollment process, please contact PowerSchool using these channels.

  • Requirements for kindergarten

    • Your child must be 5 years old on or before August 31.
    • Your child’s presence is not necessary for registration.

    Please bring the following to register your child:

    • copy of certified birth certificate
    • immunization records
    • two verifications of residency with name and address of parent or custodian (examples could include a rental agreement, utility bill or phone bill)
    • driver’s license or picture ID 
    • custody papers (if applicable)
    • emergency phone numbers
    • doctor’s information
    • health form 


  • Requisitos para la inscripción de kindergarten 

    • Su niño/a debe tener 5 años cumplidos antes del o el 31 de Agosto.
    • La presencia de su niño/a no es necesaria para la inscripción.

    Por favor traiga los siguientes documentos de su niño/a para la inscripción.

    • una copia certificada de su partida de nacimiento
    • dos verificaciones de su residencia que muestren el nombre del padre de familia/tutor
    • licencia de conducir o identificación con fotografía (otros ejemplo: contrato del alquiler de su casa, cuenta telefónica o de la electricidad)
    • papeles de custodia del niño/a (si es aplicable a su familia)
    • números telefónicos para llamar en casos de emergencia
    • información de los médicos
    • formulario clínico