• Welcome New Students to Chatham Central! We are the home of the Bears!

    Our school colors are red, white, and black.                            Home of the Bears Registrar School Contact:

    Mrs. Andrea Newman (Counseling Office Secretary) - 919-837-5412. 
    Parents will first complete the online registration on the school's main website. (Look on the top right-hand side where it says New Student Registration.)
    You will also need to provide the following documentation once you've completed the online enrollment paperwork:
    1. Proof of Residence - The proof of residence must be in the name of the parent or a legal guardian/legal custodian.

    Current, recently dated residential utility bill (gas, water, electric, land-line phone); OR
    Signed lease/rental agreement OR
    Signed closing statement or construction agreement with closing date within 45 day of enrollment of student OR
    A statement from the School Social Worker verifying, after a visit to the address, that the family does reside in the identified dwelling.
    2. Proof of guardianship, if not the biological parent. The parent/guardian will have to show their driver's license as proof of identity.
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Immunization Record
    5. Transcript From Previous High School

    If parents or legal guardians reside outside of Chatham County while waiting to move into the address requiring proof of residence, then it will be necessary to complete an application for discretionary admission, which requires payment for out-of-district tuition if the closing date is not within 45 days of enrollment (Chatham County Board of Education policies 4130 and 4135).

    Students enrolling from an out-of-state or out-of-country school will be required to submit a physical form from a doctor's office to the school nurse if they have never attended a public school in NC previously.

    Classes will begin August 26th.
    School Supply List:
    1. One 3-Ring Binder to put all classwork and class notes in for four classes or Individual Binders for four classes.
    2. Tab Dividers
    3. Notebook Paper
    4. Pencils
    5. Pens
    6. Note cards
    7. Highlighters

    School Seal