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Shelving -- Takes Patience and Attention to Details

  • The challenge we have this first semester is to find and organize the 6500 books that were boxed in May and June of 2018.  My library students last spring met the deadline to have certain sections of books packed up into labeled boxes.  The books needed temporary storage in order for many book shelves to be moved out and a Career Counseling Office to be built in one corner of the Library.  As happens, the schedule for building was delayed and then delayed again.  Dr. Waldston became the Principal at NHS and wanted cleaning done before school started.  With a few days left before students would arrive Dr. Waldston had teachers, office staff, custodians, principals, and me unpack every box.  In the unpacking hurry, the books were put "anywhere on the shelves" as we had to get rid of the boxes.  

    When my two classes began, we have worked to put books in order.  We started with Reference books and have moved to working on the Fiction books  L through Z.  We have found the majority of the books; we sorted them; we placed them on the shelves.  1700 books were off the other shelves around the room and were fitted onto their shelves with space to spare.  I am impressed with my students' work ethics, their ability to see what to do, and their ingenuity in how to do the job. All told it took 10 students and me about 15 days to conquer the Fiction L through Z sections.

    Our much bigger task now is to find the 4800 non-fiction books that are on shelves around the room.  The 000's through the 300's is a very large part of the collection and we will work there for at least another week. Students have chosen good work patterns; they sometimes work in pairs, they often share strategies and suggestions; some like to work alone.

    This week I will begin introducing the curriculum objectives from the State of NC and the American Library Association.  Monday and Tuesday we will look at how we have shelved the books and why the non-fiction books are designated with numbers that extend into decimal places.  Later in the week I will introduce the students to the circulation process and how best to help students and teachers. 

    As students have been shelving the books many have found books that have interested them; I wil plan reading time into the schedule as well as time to put together reviews of their bookks. Other projects this semester will be book centered as well:  reading a non-fiction book of their choosing; reading two short books together to discuss a few themes they present.