Mrs. Kreutzberg

Library Arts Classes meet during 2nd and 4th periods. At the beginning of the semester students will learn about organizing the fiction and non-fiction books in the library. Actually creating some books, doing some writing, will give students the chance to learn about authors.

  • ~Mrs. Kreutzberg is the Librarian Media Specialist at NHS.

    ~Contact Information:  Call me at 1-919-542-4181  Ext. 34250.  Leave a message OR you may email me at I will respond asap.

    Library Arts is a class designed to have students learn about how a library runs and is organized.  Students will help Mrs. Kreutzberg daily. 

    The class is not a study hall, but a class which will offer students ways to learn to be more independent, responsible, and more creative.

    Students will have many opportunities to lead, to read, to write, and to communicate.  

    The students will be involved with books every day -- checking them out or in; organizing them on shelves;creating displays; reading + reading + reading books; and writing about books.

    To be in this class you need to be a reader, a good student, and know how to work well with many students.  

    The American Association of School Librarians has listed the Standards for the 21st Century Learner.  Library Arts Class will follow these.

    In addition the NC Department of Instruction has developed objectives and standards for library students: NC Essential Technology Standards for Students