Dual Language Program Guide


    In 2014, Chatham County Schools adopted a 3-year strategic plan for our Dual Language Program.  Due to the increasingly high demand for students to be able to enroll in the program, one action step was to establish and adopt a formal Dual Language Program entry process to be implemented at each of the schools.  After discussions with principals and the Chatham County Schools District Dual Language Committee, the process was presented, and adopted, at the June 2017 Chatham County School Board meeting.  The information below outlines how students may be enrolled in the available slots to ensure a strong and vibrant program that meets the needs of our students.  Please click on any of the links below to review the specific process at each of our grade levels.  

    The entry process is subject to periodic review and will be modified, with the approval of the Chatham County Board of Education as needed in response to changes in program neds, level of demand, available resources etc.