• Schedule Change Request Information

    Drop/Add will be held twice per school year; once in August prior to the start of school and again during the 2nd 6-week grading period (for second-semester schedule change requests). Specific dates will be posted on the Northwood homepage. Schedule Change Requests will only be accepted using the posted online form during the Drop/Add period.

    Please remember the following:

    • Changes will be considered based upon seat availability
    • Classes will not be moved to accommodate lunches, the schedules of others, specific teacher requests, etc.

     Students may request a schedule change for one of the following reasons:

    • You are a senior and you need the requested course to graduate
    • You have not taken/passed the prerequisite for the course
    • You have already taken this class and passed it for credit
    • You are requesting to move up a level (Ex: Standard to Honors or Honors to AP) 
    • You would like to change electives (list of available courses by semester & period will be posted)

    Please Note: Honors and AP courses may not be dropped.  


    Be sure that your request aligns with one of the reasons for a schedule change above.


    If you have reveiwed your schedule and you would like to request a change to an elective, please review the list of available elective courses by visiting NHS 2019-2020 Available Elective Courses.  


    You may request a schedule change for courses in either semester by completing the request form below. 


    Schedule changes can be made starting on the day your schedule is released until Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 4:00pm.


    Northwood Schedule Change Request 19-20