Supporting Quality Teachers, Administrators & Staff

  • Destination 4 Compass To meet the needs of today’s students, Chatham County Schools recognizes that employing a premier workforce is critical to the success of our district. Just as we invest in every child, CCS must investing in high quality professional development and training.

Destination Roadmap

  • Strategy 1: Build World-Class Instructional Staff

    CCS will:

    • Expand Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at each school
    • Increase teachers’ access to professional learning opportunities to better meet the needs of students
    • Launch teacher recruitment website
    • Provide bi-literacy training for teachers
    • Increase teacher leadership opportunities
    • Continue to provide tuition reimbursement for the pursuit of advanced degrees

    Strategy 2: Support Administrators

    CCS will:

    • Create Instructional Leadership Priorities
    • Align principal evaluations with student outcomes
    • Increase administrators’ access to professional learning opportunities to better meet the needs of instructional leaders and teacher development

    Strategy 3: Provide Career Growth

    and High-Quality Professional Development

    CCS will:

    • Conduct a salary study for Classified Staff & Administrators
    • Maintain a competitive compensation package for all staff
    • Provide cultural proficiency professional development to all staff
    • Continue to utilize compliance training management tool to oversee required trainings
    • Investigate and implement innovative professional development opportunities for all employees (i.e., self-guided learning, micro-credentialing)


Milestones for Destination 4

    • % of teachers who receive a met or exceeds growth score on the Educational Value Added Assessment System (EVAAS) and Analysis of Student Work (ASW)
    • % of teacher evaluations where there is alignment between principal appraisal and student outcomes in reading, math, and other content activities
    • % of staff participating in professional development opportunities
    • Teacher Working Conditions Survey reflects overall support from district meeting at least state level averages
    • Number of staff completing micro-credentialing courses or badges