Growth & Future Planning

  • Destination 3 Compass Chatham County Schools continues to grow. Ensuring all students have access to high quality schools, adequate services, and the necessary resources to be successful requires planning and resource management.

Destination Roadmap

  • Strategy 1: Allocate Resources to Meet Student Needs 

    CCS will:

    • Allocate additional resources according to a tiered needs-based system using socioeconomic levels (Title I)
    • Ensure equity in resource allocation across schools
    • Work with demographers to determine growth patterns and needs of the district
    • Utilize Teacher Working Conditions data to determine resource needs for schools
    • Use demographic and growth data to plan projections for the district Education is our transportation program


    Strategy 2: Address Infrastructure

    CCS will:

    • Review Capital Improvement Plan to ensure equity of facility upgrades
    • Ensure infrastructure for new and existing schools meet growth needs
    • Collaborate with Chatham County Government to explore expansion of broadband for Chatham residents
    • Continue partnering with Chatham County in the operation of a joint transportation facility
    • Expand maintenance division facilities to begin preparing for future growth of schools


    Strategy 3: Explore Opportunities to Improve Efficiency

    CCS will:

    • Continue working to decrease the amount of time students are traveling to/from school on the bus
    • Employ effective and efficient business and management systems in finance, transportation, maintenance, child nutrition, human resources, and technology services
    • Explore power management and savings opportunities with school-based technologies
    • Expand the capability of the travel tracker program to increase field trip and transportation efficiency
    • Implement the Real Time GPS system to maximize safety of transportation services
    • Explore capabilities of the inventory tracking and other preventive maintenance programs


Milestones for Destination 3

    • # of annual efficiency reviews completed
    • % of staff and parent favorable responses on resource allocation from budget survey
    • % of staff across the district responding above the state average to resource questions on the NCTWC
    • Outcomes from financial audits
    • Demographic documentation
    • Annual transportation efficiency rating
    • Vehicle maintenance rating
    • # of travel tracker requests
    • % of completed maintenance requests