Communications & Community Engagement

  • Destination 2 Compass A high performing school district depends on strong communication and engaged community members. This is accomplished through thoughtful planning, design, and delivery of opportunities for community participation. Additionally, it requires CCS communicate with parents and community members through a variety of methods. Strong communication results in well-informed participation.

Destination Roadmap

  • Strategy 1: Promote & Establish a Community Feedback Loop 

    CCS will:

    • Provide additional opportunities for two-way communication
    • Gather feedback from parents on school performance through the AdvancEd Stakeholder Feedback Survey
    • Promote opportunities for stakeholder input to inform district planning and decision-making
    • Provide translation services and translation devices to all schools
    • Use social media to expand the reach of communication to an increasingly digitally savvy audience
    • Increase communication regarding instructional resources and opportunities for parents


    Strategy 2: Ensure Access to High-Quality Information

    CCS will:

    • Improve internal and external communications
    • Promote program offerings and opportunities for students with increased transparency
    • Promote parental resource sites within the district website
    • Develop common branding and social media guide for schools and district personnel to unify messaging
    • Conduct a usability study to refine information design on district and school websites


    Strategy 3: Extend Partnership

    CCS will:

    • Expand research partnerships to provide program evaluation and additional resources for district programs
    • Increase partnerships with businesses, community agencies, and higher education institutions
    • Provide additional opportunities for parents to participate in learning opportunities (i.e., Parent University, Exception Children parent events, instructional podcasts, and informational videos delivered via social media)


Milestones for Destination 2

    • % of parents/guardians participating in school surveys
    • # of district and school partnerships
    • % of positive feedback from stakeholders on the district communication survey
    • Publication of usability study findings and website modifications
    • # of Parent University workshops
    • # of Parent University attendees