• Letter Requirements


    Northwood Athletics Letter Requirements


    General Policies

    1. Varsity athletes who remain as members of the team in good standing throughout the full season are eligible to earn a varsity letter, subject to the provisions below.
    2. Senior athletes who have participated in a given program (varsity or junior varsity) for at least three years shall receive a varsity letter.
    3. Injured athletes who meet the “playing time” criteria for the contests held up to the time of the injury may receive a letter.
    4. A student-trainer will receive a letter after his/her second season of service.  This will be done under the direction of the Faculty Trainer and the Athletic Director
    5. Managers who have held the position for at least three seasons in the same sport may earn a letter.  Only those who, in the judgment of the coach, have made a significant commitment of time and effort shall be awarded the letter.
    6. Any student involved in the athletic program who does not receive a letter will receive a certificate of participation.
    7. In cases of extenuating circumstances, exceptions to the standards listed below are permitted with the approval of the coach and the athletic director.


    PLAYING TIME CRITERIA FOR EACH SPORT (regular season events)


    1. Baseball & Softball:  participate in 50% of innings played
    2. Basketball & Football:  participate in 50% of quarters played
    3. Cross Country:  Qualify top 7 for any meet.
    4. Women Golf:  Must average a 55 in 4 matches during the season.
    5. Men Golf:  participate in 50% of team matches played.
    6. Soccer: participate in 50% of halves played.
    7. Swimming & Diving: Compete in 90% of all practices &100% of all meets. Score in two events in the conference championships meet OR achieve individually a regional time standard (consideration or automatic) set forth by the NCHSAA.
    8. Tennis:  participate in #1-6 flite singles or #1-3 flite doubles for at least 70% of the matches played.
    9. Track & Field:  score at least 18 points during the season in competition against opponents.
    10. Volleyball:  participate in 50% of the games played.
    11. Wrestling:  participate in 50% of the team’s matches.
    12. Cheerleading:  varsity members must cheer in at least 87% of the games and attend 86% of the practices during the combined fall and winter seasons in  a single academic year.
    13. W. Lacrosse: participate in 50% of scheduled games .
    1. M. Lacrosse: participate in 60% of quarters played.
    2. Indoor Track: participate in 50% of the scheduled meets & qualify for NC indoor

    Championship Meet.