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Student Internships

  • Internships are available for students in 11th grade or 12th grade as elective course credit, which counts toward graduation, each semester at each high school. 

    The "student internship" allows for additional development of Career & Technical Education competencies within a general career field. Internships allow students to observe and participate in daily operations, develop direct contact with job personnel, ask questions about specific careers, and perform certain job tasks. This activity is exploratory and allows the student to get hands on experience in a number of related activities. The teacher, student, and the business community jointly plan the organization, implementation, and evaluation of an internship, regardless of whether it is an unpaid or paid internship. 

    Examples of recent internship offerings from throughout our school community include the following:

    • Alotech, Inc.
    • Bear Creek Fabrication
    • Bella Donna
    • Beyond Gutters
    • Big Bear Farm
    • Boys and Girls Club
    • Brewers Grill
    • Builders Best
    • Butler Automotive
    • Carolina Meadows
    • Chatham Primary Care
    • Companion Camp
    • D&S Construction
    • Galloway Ridge
    • Harris Teeter
    • KFC / Taco Bell
    • McDonalds
    • Mideast Millwright and Welding
    • Moon Dance Farm
    • Nike
    • Oates Farm
    • Saunders Automotive
    • Siler City Pharmacy
    • Subway
    • UNC Pharmacy

    Contact your school's Career Development Coordinator for more information about current internship opportunities. 

    Chatham Central High School: 919-837-2251: Raymond Caviness

    Northwood High School: 919-542-4181: DeLisa Cohen

    Jordan-Matthews High School: 919-742-2916: Loretta Batchelor

    SAGE Academy: 919-663-5899: Jennifer Saylor



    Non-Discrimination Statement - Public Notice

    In compliance with federal laws, Chatham County Schools administers all locally operated educational programs, employment activities, and admissions without discrimination because of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color, age, marital status, pregnancy, military service, disability, gender, or sexual orientation, except where exemption is appropriate and allowed by law.

    Questions or concerns should be directed to the following points of contact:

    Chatham County Schools Career & Technical Education: Dr. Kelly Batten, Executive Director,, 919-542-3626

    Chatham Central High School: Mr. Mitch Stensland, Principal; Raymond Caviness, Career Development Facilitator

    Chatham School of Science and Engineering: Mr. Bobby Dixon, Principal; Loretta Batchelor, Career Development Facilitator

    Jordan-Matthews High School: Mr. Tripp Crayton, Principal; Loretta Batchelor, Career Development Facilitator

    Northwood High School: Dr. Justin Bartholomew, Principal; DeLisa Cohen, Career Development Facilitator

    SAGE Academy: Mr. Bobby Dixon, Principal; Loretta Batchelor, Career Development Facilitator