• Future Ready Core Graduation Requirements

    The Core (22 units)

    4 credits of English – English I, II, III, & IV

    4 credits of Mathematics – Math I, II, III, & 4th Math according to Post-Secondary Plans

    4 credits of Social Studies – World History, Civics & Economics, American History I, & American History II

    3 credits of Science – Earth/Env. Science, Biology, & a Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, or   Physical Science)

    1 credit of Health/Physical Education

    6 Elective Credits (required)

    - 2 credits from CTE, Cultural Arts, or World Language

    - 4 credit Concentration (recommended) from CTE, Cultural Arts, World Language, or any other subject area.

    6 Additional Elective Credits - Required by Chatham County Schools.

    28 of the Above Credits Are Needed to Graduate on the Future Ready Core Course of Study

    *Students wanting to just get a North Carolina HS diploma will need the above credits minus the six additional credits required by Chatham County Schools.  Therefore, these students will only need 22 credits to graduate. Paperwork will be required to meet eligibilty requirements.

    **Students wanting to graduate a year early in high school or graduate on the 22 credit diploma should meet with the school counselor.

    Grading Scale for all NC High Schools

    90 – 100:       A

    80 – 89:         B

    70 – 79:         C

    60 – 69:         D

    0 – 59:           F

    GPA Weights

    All AP Courses & CCCC College Transfer Courses will give students only 1 extra quality point towards their weighted GPA.

    Honors Courses will give students an extra ½ quality point towards their weighted GPA.