• CCHS Registration Schedule:

    T - 2/20 - Bennett Registration 8:00

    W - 2/21 - Bonlee Registration 8:00 & JS Waters Registration - 1:00

    (8th Grade Registration Sheets Due to CCHS on M 3/11.)


    HS Registration Class Meetings:

    TH - 2/22 1st Block - 10th Grade

    2nd Block - 11th Grade

    4th Block - 9th Grade


    HS Curriculum Fair:

    TH - 2/22 6 - 7 pm in Gymnasium (All Departments)


    HS Parent Registration Meeting (Geared towards 8th Grade Parents)

    TH - 2/22 7 - 8 pm in Auditorium


    CCHS Registration Schedule – 3rd Block Classes

    Students will return their signed registration sheet to their 3rd block teachers by 2/27. Teachers will keep the registration info. until their assigned registration date. Ms. Young will then collect all registration materials from the teacher. Ms. Young & Mr. Caviness will meet individually each student to go over their course registrations.


    UNCG College Rep Visit - Thurs., Feb. 27th: Media Center during Bear Down Time.


    FAFSA Help Work Night #2 - March 7th - Media Center (See Ms. Weinstein for more info.)


    CCCC Red Carpet Event - April 15th - CCCC will be in the media center to register seniors for classes beginning in August. (See Mrs. Turner for more info.)