• CCHS Policies

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    Answers to most frequently asked questions about library policies at CCHS:


    • Checkout Policy
      • Students are allowed a maximum of four (4) books to be checked out from our library. This includes when you have a class book.
      • Books are checked out for a period of three (3) weeks, with one renewal. After that, see the librarian.


    • Students are financially responsible for damaged and lost books.  Books not returned by the end of the school year are deemed lost.


    • A teacher's note is not required to use the CCHS library during the following open times:
    1. Before School
    2. During Break
    3. During Empower Hour
    4. After School
    • A teacher's note is always required to enter the library during class time - even to print.


    • Cell phone use is not permitted in the media center.


    • Please do not bring food or liquids inside the media center.


    • The library is a place for research and reading.  This requies a quiet environment.


    CCHS Professional Policies:  

        CCHS Strategic Planning Document 

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