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student resources
  •  ncwise owl NCWiseOwl (NC Windows for Online Learning) has been providing online subscription resources for our schools since 1999. This year marks the 20th anniversary! Our mission is to ensure that all public school NC students have access to a collection of online resources for use in educational pursuits, without regard to the economic status of their local school system.
    *Please check out this Student friendly Search Engine :



     thisissand  This site where you can create your very own sandart, without the mess! Tap into your artistic skills and challenge yourself in creating your very own masterpiece! 



    geoguessr  "embark on a journey that takes you around the world!" GeoGuessr is a fun, interactive, educational game that uses google maps, interactive world maps where users can challenge just themselves or they can challenge others. With this game, you are plopped down to different places all over the world (or you can play a different mode that is just the U.S.) and then you have to guess where you are. This site is linked with google maps, so the player is able to navigate and move the cursor to view clues and explore in order to guess the location. The closer you are to where you dropped your pin, the more points you get.



     smithsonian The Smithsonian has a digital library, arts, science, lectures, and more. Really good research tools/databases .