• New Format for Graduation Honors

    Beginning with the graduating Class of 2019 students will be honored at graduation using university-aligned Latin honors designations.  The Chatham County Schools Board of Education approved this change during the March 12, 2018 monthly meeting. These new designations are listed below for reference.

    • Summa Cum Laude for students with weighted grade point average of 4.5 or higher. This Latin designation means “With Highest Honor”.

    • Magna Cum Laude for students with weighted grade point average of 4.0 to 4.49. This Latin designation means “With Great Honor”.

    • Cum Laude for students with weighted grade point average of 3.5 to 3.99. This Latin designation means “With Honor”.

    This new process for honoring our graduates will replace the traditional designation of ‘valedictorian’ and ‘salutatorian’ titles beginning with the graduating Class of 2019.

    For more information:


    Letter to Class of 2019

    Graduaran en el 2019


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  • To Participate in Commencement (Graduation Ceremonies):

    In order to participate in commencement, a senior must have earned all credits required to graduate, retired all debts to the school and district,  be in good standing with the school, and follow the rules and procedures for commencement activities.

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  • Graduation Attire: What This Means

    For all "graduation attire" activities, including cap & gown pictures:

    • Cap and gown, with the tassel on the left. No decorations on cap or gown except offical honor cords and organization stoles.

    • Ladies: White shoes or sandals (no flip-flops), and a dress that does not show below the hem of the gown or at the neckline.

    • Gentlemen: White dress shirt, dark tie, dark dress pants, black dress shoes.

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  • CCCC Transcript Requests

    If you have taken a Career and College Promise (CCP) course during your junior or senior year, you will need to provide a CCCC transcript to any college you are applying (other than CCCC). You can obtain one from the Registrar's Office on the Sanford campus for $5, or request one electronically for $3.75 using a debit/credit card (cost is for each request).  You can access the transcript page from the CCCC web site at either of the following URLs:

    goo.gl/kba7Jf (shortened URL)
    Have the transcripts sent directly to the college and don't forget to have a final transcript after graduation sent to the college you are attending.
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