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  • Requests for Reassignment for Students who are Chatham County Residents

    Parents/guardians of Chatham County Schools (CCS) students wanting to request a reassignment of school for their child(ren) are required to complete and submit a CCS Request for Reassignment Form (one form for each child) for the reassignment to be considered.

    The Request for Reassignment Form must be submitted to the CCS Central Office by June 1st, and must include the specific reason for the request and any other supporting documentation to be considered.  The Superintendent/Designee will make a determination based upon the best interests of the child, the orderly and efficient administration of the public schools, the proper administration of the school to which reassignment is requested, and the instruction, health, and safety of the pupils enrolled.  The Superintendent/Designee will render a decision and provide written notice to the parent via regular mail, certified mail, email, or any other reasonable method designed to achieve actual notice, within thirty (30) days, except that requests for transfer to a school with current or projected brick and mortar capacity between 95% and 100% will not be processed until after July 1st.  Requests received by June 1st for the upcoming school year will be processed and a decision made by the Superintendent/Designee no later than July 15th.

    Parents/guardians may pick up a Request for Reassignment Form from the school serving the attendance area of the student’s residence, by contacting the CCS Central Office, or by downloading the Request for Reassignment Form from the CCS Student Assignment/Reassignment webpage.  Please return completed forms to the CCS Central Office in Pittsboro, or email them to Chris D. Blice, CCS Assistant Superintendent for Operations.

    The transfer or reassignment is valid through the terminal year for the school to which the student is reassigned.  A new request must be submitted after the student completes the grades in the reassigned school.  Exceptions to the term of assignment may be made for transfers granted pursuant to Policy 4152, Unsafe School Choice Transfer, or BOE Policy 4125 Homeless StudentsAny students granted reassignment to a school with a current or projected brick and mortar capacity at 95% or above will be granted reassignment for one (1) year only and will require a new application for the following year.

    The parent/guardian of any student reassigned to a new school at the request of the parent/guardian transfer request will be responsible for transporting the student to and from school.  Any reassignment request that is approved based upon false or misleading information will be declared void and the reassignment will be rescinded.  The student must attend school on a regular basis and abide by the school’s rules and regulations.  Excessive absences, tardiness or disciplinary referrals may be grounds for revocation of the reassignment.

    Requests for Discretionary Admission for Students who are not Chatham County Residents

    A non-Chatham County resident student whose parent/guardian plans to move into the Chatham County School District may be assigned to the school serving the student’s new domicile upon pro-rated payment of tuition.  Parents who are building a house must provide a building permit showing their house is under construction in the requested assignment area.  Also, parents/guardians of non-Chatham County students may request assignment to a Chatham County school upon payment of tuition.  These requests will be approved or denied on the basis of criteria found in BOE Policy 4130 Discretionary Admissions or Releases.

    Parents requesting this opportunity must complete and turn in the CCS Request for Discretionary Admission Form for this to be considered.  This form may be downloaded from the CCS Student Assignment/Reassignment webpage.  Please return completed forms to the CCS Central Office in Pittsboro, or email them to Chris D. Blice, CCS Assistant Superintendent for Operations.

    Information related to these requests may be found in BOE Policy 4130 Discretionary Admissions or Releases and BOE Policy 4135 Tuition for Discretionary Admissions.

    Requesting a Release from Chatham County Schools

    Chatham County residents wishing to transfer their child(ren) to another public school system, while residing in Chatham County, must complete a Request for Release Form in order to obtain a release from the CCS system.  This form must be completed annually, or as long as your child attends a school system outside of your Chatham County residence.


    For more detailed descriptions, please see the Forms and BOE Policies located under the Files and Links on this webpage.



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