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    Hello all! Our Pollard Softball tryouts this year were competitive, fun, and a challenge. All players hustled and supported one another on the field. Below you will find our 2021-2022 Pollard Mustang Softball Team! If you did not make the team this year, please continue to play, work hard, and have fun. Continue to come out to tryouts each year as we build a powerful mustang softball program for years to come. 

    2021-2022 Pollard Softball Team

    Cami Brinkey (8)

    Caroline Cook (6)

    Blair Hill (6)

    Emma Grace Hill (7)

    Annika Johansson (8)

    Raegan Jones (6)

    Mehar Kaur (7)

    Abigail Morgan (7)

    Emma Payseur (6)

    Audrey Pellowitz (7)

    Rylan Perchinsky (7)

    Karleigh Purcell (8)

    Kaylee Slough (6)

    Emma Stong (8)


    Emails about manager positions will go out at the beginning of next week! 


    Please contact Coach Checkla or Coach Kivette (AD) with any questions! 

    Kivette: akivette@chatham.k12.nc.us

    Checkla: ncheckla@chatham.k12.nc.us