Student Identification

  • Student Identification

    Students in grades K-12 may be identified as academically and intellectually gifted (AIG) and receive gifted education services. A student may qualify for service options in reading and/or math.

    Students demonstrating 3 or more of the following criteria will receive gifted education services:


    • 90% or higher on a standardized or aptitude test
    • 90% or higher in a specific subject area on a sub-test of a standardized achievement or aptitude test.
    • Portfolio of student work products demonstrating above-grade level performance.
    • Above-average scores on a teacher-completed student observation inventory assessing gifted characteristics.
    • Evidence of identification for gifted services in another school district.

    NOTE: Students in grades K-2 should be referred for evaluation only if there is a clear need for instruction that is consistently two or more grade levels above the present grade.