Program Implementation

  • The Collaboration and consultation model is supported at both the school and district levels. In this model all teachers, administration, and AIG teachers share their expertise to better serve students.

    All Teachers
    Teachers recognize that different learners have differing needs and require varied instruction to meet those needs. In a differentiated classroom, students are provided multiple ways of acquiring content, processing ideas, and developing products. Gifted students are best served through ongoing differentiated instruction as part of their classroom environment.

    AIG Specialist
    Chatham County Schools has AIG Specialists serving students in kindergarten through 8th grade. These AIG certified teachers collaborate with all teachers to differentiate instruction for gifted students, provide direct service to students as appropriate, and facilitate the school's gifted program. Grades 9-12 students are served through course selection.

    Needs Determination Team
    Each school has a team comprised of an administrator, counselor, AIG teacher, grade level/subject teacher(s) and support personnel. This team makes decisions regarding referred students' needs for gifted services.

    Gifted Education Advisory Committee
    The district-level committee of parents, teachers, and administrators seeks and provides input regarding the gifted program.