Recommended Databases

  • Databases gather information.  You can find databases that specialize in science or literature or art or anything else.  

    I have listed some databases that may be useful to you:


    1.  The Library of Congress is located in Washington, D.C. and is used by Senators, Congressmen and women, and anyone in the world. Click on this link to find amazing and interesting information:
    Look through these resources for your research:

    Examples of what is there:


    2. Another Library of Congress source is Poetry 180


    3.  NC WiseOwl is filled with databases that are free.  Look for more infomation on the Library Media Center webpage.  At school you can access this site without a password.   You can also use these databases anywhere you have free wi-fi but you ou will need to use the password.  My favorites are Explora, Britannica School, and Student Resources in Context.