Charger Challenge

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  • The Charger Challenge hours each year run from July 1 to June 30. Seniors who want to receive a Charger Community Cord must complete 40 of 120 hours of community service in their senior year. All Senior community hours must be turned in by May 1st of each year. If students have any questions in reference to Charger Challenge hours or need to turn in hours, please see Mrs. Foxx-Williams.


    Charger Challenge Requirements

    Northwood High School believes that community service is an integral part of becoming a productive member of society. Students who complete 120 community service hours will be recognized upon their graduation. A maximum of 80 total hours will be accepted prior to the start of the Senior year which necessitates the student to complete 40 more hours during his/her Senior year.  Community Service hours must be verified using the Community Service Verification Form (below).


    Prior to volunteering anywhere, students are encouraged to check the list of Volunteer Opportunities and Sites (link below) for an up-to-date listing of approved organizations. 


    Turn in documentation to Ms. Foxx-Williams in the main office with:

    • Student's name
    • Student's email address
    • Student's phone number
    • The name of the organization with whom the student is requesting to work
    • The specific activities the student will be performing during the experience
    • The name of an individual at the organization that will serve as a supervisor for the activity
    • A phone number for the supervisor
    • All documentation is due to Ms. Foxx-Williams from SENIORS no later than May 1st.