Student Conduct and Discipline

  • The Principal shall make certain that all passengers assigned to a school bus for transportation are informed and cautioned, through class instruction, supervision, and otherwise, of the responsibility of the individual passenger for conduct and safety. The Principal also shall inform parents of each passenger as to the responsibilities of bus passengers. Each bus passenger shall cooperate with the Principal, teacher, and bus driver.

    Students shall ride only their assigned bus and board and disembark at their assigned stops. Any changes in these assignments must be approved in writing by the school administrator who will inform the bus driver of the change.

    Students are required to follow the rules and regulations of riding a public school bus.

    The driver of a school bus shall have complete authority over and responsibility for the operation of the bus and maintaining good conduct upon the bus.

    The driver shall report to the school administrator any misconduct on the bus or any violation of the driver’s instructions.

    A Principal may take action on any misconduct, which occurs on a school bus, the same as if the violation had occurred on school grounds.

    Penalties for violation of specified board policy as stated in the Student Code of Conduct apply to conduct occurring on the school bus.

    The designated copy of the Bus Discipline Form should be forwarded to the Transportation Director.