Routes and Bus Stops

  • The board subscribes to state statutes and guidelines regarding the location of bus stops. As assigned by the superintendent, central transportation staff shall implement this strategy in cooperation with the appropriate administrative authority at the local schools.

    Bus stops are placed no closer than two-tenths of a mile apart unless safety hazards exist. Buses are routed on state maintained roads only. Buses are generally prohibited from traveling into cul-de-sacs.

    Generally, bus stops are placed on corners.

    Maximum walking distances for students:

    • Elementary students - three-tenths of a mile
    • Middle school students – three-tenths of a mile
    • High school students – five tenths of a mile

    Exceptions: Most of our sub-divisions are private and do not have state maintained roads. The maximum walking distance should not apply to most sub-divisions in our county. Several counties throughout our state do not allow school buses to go into sub-divisions. A pick up point could be allowed in some cases.


    Bus Stop Supervision: Grades PK-3

    It is the duty and responsibility of parents or their designee to provide supervision at the bus stop for grades PK-3. Anyone who serves as a designee must be in the fourth grade or older, signed permission is required.

    Procedure for Unsupervised Bus Stop

    The following procedure will be used when students (grades PK-3) are unable to be left at drop off location and must be returned to school:

    a) The bus driver will contact the school and take the child back to their school.

    b) The school will contact parent to pick up child at the school.

    c) The attached form will be used as documentation.

    d) After the third time that no one is at home, the school will contact the Department of Social Services.