General Bus Transportation Policies

  • Students who are assigned outside their geographical area because of their request for a transfer are not guaranteed transportation.

    Regular students who are medically certified as temporarily incapacitated may be considered for special accommodation.

    If roads and other conditions permit, the buses shall be so routed that a bus will pass within one mile of the residence of each student.

    The Principal of each school assigns students to ride specific buses according to state guidelines and within load limits. Band instruments, projects, and other objects cannot take up student seating space or block aisle.

    Policy on Releasing Students

    • In the event of an accident or mechanical failure that results in the bus being unable to complete the route, students will not be released to anyone.
    • They will be transferred to another bus and taken to their final destination.
    • Our drivers will not and cannot be expected to know who may or may not have legal custody of a child. The drivers do not know all of the parents.
    • Therefore, for the safety for our children, we will not release any of our students.