• What is a work night?
    * A work night is when a classroom or organization (Ages 10 & up) can work at the PTA Thrift Store after the store closes. Typically we work from 6 to 8 pm on Monday’s-Thursday’s and Saturdays or 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Friday evenings. There is a supervisor for the work night that has an assigned list of duties that have to be completed during the work night.

    What is a drop box?
    * Drop boxes are the wooden boxes located throughout the county that community members place donations in. When you sign up for a drop box, you are responsible for emptying the contents of the drop box and taking the items to the PTA Thrift Store. Most of the drop boxes done are taken to the Siler City PTA Thrift Store. If you empty the JS Waters drop box, those items are taken to the Pittsboro PTA Thrift Store.

    Where do I sign up for work nights and drop boxes?
    * Each class and/or organization is assigned a month to do work nights and drop boxes. There is a parent representative that will be in contact with parents about working work nights and emptying drop boxes. Also, see the link for Online Sign Ups.

    Where do I get keys for the drop boxes?
    * You will need to go to the front office at JS Waters. The office staff can help you. There is a note book with keys. You need to find the key to the particular drop box you are going to empty. Sign the key out and sign the key in when you return it. You can also go to the PTA Thrift Store and ask for their key, go straight to the drop box, then return the items and the key.