Frequently Asked Questions

  • (Q) What time does my child need to be waiting at his/her morning stop?

    (A) Call the school. They will give parents/guardians an approximate time for morning arrival. Parents should have their child ready at bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

    (Q) Will the bus leave the stop without my child if she/he is not waiting at the bus stop location?

    (A) Yes! The student must be waiting at his/her stop at least 5 minutes prior to the designated time.

    (Q) What time will the bus arrive to pick up my child?

    (A) The morning times for bus runs will usually depend on certain variables. Most importantly, distance and traffic patterns play the most predominate role for morning bus arrival times. Please call the school for that information.

    (Q) What is the maximum allowable walking distance for students to bus stops by law?

    (A) State law says that 1 mile is the maximum allowable walking distance. The Chatham County Board of Education has adopted a practice of three-tenths of a mile for elementary students, three-tenths of a mile for middle, and five tenths of a mile for high school students as the maximum walking distance to bus stops. Exceptions: Most of our sub-divisions are private and do not have state maintained roads. The maximum walking distance should not apply to most sub-divisions in our county. Several counties through out our state do not allow school buses to go into sub-divisions. A pick up point could be allowed in some cases.

    (Q) My child’s bus stop has been moved from the location where it has been located for several years. Why?

    (A) The LEA is required to establish a bus stop for each student within one mile of the student’s residence. Nearly all bus stops are, in reality, much closer than this. G.S. 115C-246 states that buses must be routed “so that the bus passes within one mile of the residence of each pupil assigned to that bus.” Any bus stop within one mile of the residence is legal.”

    (Q) The bus won’t come into my private subdivision. Why?

    (A) G.S. 115C-246(b) states that “unless road or other conditions make it inadvisable, public school buses shall be routed on state-maintained highways, municipal streets, or other streets with publicly dedicated right-of –way.” The local board of education shall not be responsible for damage to the roadway.”