Digital Learning & Technology Services

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  • Mission & Overview

    Digital Learning & Technology Services is dedicated to connecting teachers and learners with the tools and information to be successful in school and life.


    Chatham County Schools was one of the first districts in North Carolina to begin a digital learning transition featuring a 1-to-1 Student Laptop Program in 2008. Since then, Chatham County Schools has continued to be a leader in 1-to-1 programming in North Carolina by not requiring families to pay a technology fee to participate in the program as other districts do. We believe that the 1-to-1 Student Laptop Program is an integral part of the instructional resources provided to help students become 21st Century leaders. In 2018-19 school year, the district switched from MacBook Air devices to the Dell Chromebook which, in addition to its laptop functionality, has Android tablet capabilities. Under remote learning in March 2020, the district made every effort to provide devices to students in all grades K-12. We continue to develop and grow our sustainability plan so all students have equitable access to technology and digital resources. To learn more about Digital Learning and Technology in Chatham, click here.


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    Quick Facts

    • Our team manages a wide variety of digital learning platforms for students and teachers across the district. A list of some of these resources can be found on our Digital Learning Google Site linked above.
    • The district has prioritized the Triple E Framework: engagement in learning goals, enhancement of learning goals, and extension of learning goals. Learn more about the Triple E Framework here.
    • The School Technician supports an average of 1,000 student devices. A number far below the state average.
    • Chatham County Schools Networks experiences 99.8% uptime.
    • Chatham County Schools campuses are monitored 24 hours a day by nearly 1100 security cameras because student safety is a priority.