Athletic Director

  • Catherine Moore

    We are unable to provide transportation back to JS Waters when we have away competitions. Please plan to attend your Student-Athlete's competitions or make arrangements for them to be picked up.


    Student-Athletes are required to earn a minimum of 3 hours for EACH SPORT played. (Parents, Family, & Friends may earn these hours for the student or with the student).
    For Thriftshop boxes or worknights: Sign up online through Sign Up Genius on school our website.
    Working in July or August earns double time for the athlete & anyone working with them.

    The funds raised are for purchasing uniforms as needed, pay officials, transportation to away games, & items needed for each sport.

    CROSS-COUNTRY / SOFTBALL Hours due by October 7th (Cross-Country extended to Mon, Oct 16th)
    BASKETBALL / CHEERLEADING Hours due by January 6th
    VOLLEYBALL / BASEBALL Hours due by March 27th

  • Eligibility Requirements 

    • AcademicsMust pass 3 out of 4 of the required core courses each semester (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies) and meet promotion standards established by the LEA.

    • Attendance – Must not have more than thirteen (13) total absences (85% attendance requirement) in the semester prior to athletic participation and must be counted present on practice & game days in order to participate.

    • Behavior – Students must maintain good behavioral standing in the classroom, in larger school setting, and with their team. 

      • Students are ALWAYS representing J.S Waters School, and behavioral miscues could result in dismissal from a team

    • Physical - Have an updated (signed & dated) physical on file (Completed Eligibility Packet) in Mrs. Moore’s records before practices begin.

      • Physicals last for exactly one year and one month from the Doctor’s examination date. 

      • Lack of an up-to-date physical packet will result in students not being able to try out, practice, or participate further with their team. 


    Maintaining Eligibility

    • Grades 

      • Students are required to maintain a 70 in all four core classes (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies)

      • Grades will be checked every four and a half weeks (progress reports, report cards), should students not meet the above criteria they will be placed on academic probation.

        • Students will be informed by the athletic director of academic probation status

        • During academic probation, students will have the opportunity to pull grades up to the minimum expectations.

      • If grades improve to the required level by the next check-in period, the student is removed from probation. 

      • Should the grades remain below the minimum expectation, the student could be dismissed from their team and not allowed to participate in athletics until grades have been raised back to at least meeting minimum expectations.  

    • Behavior

      • Students should display positive behavior while at school, and during extra-curricular activities. 

      • Students will be expected to maintain respectful behavior to staff, coaches, teammates, opposing school representatives, etc. 

        • Students who receive ISS will not be allowed to participate or dress out in team uniform during the next game. 

        • Students who are not participating due to an ISS will be expected to attend the game and sit with the team for the entirety of the game/contest.

      • Major behavioral issues that require consequences such as OSS or other disciplinary measures could result in removal from a team automatically.

        • Coaches, administrators, and the athletic director will discuss possible measures as it relates to dismissals from teams and notify parents of any decisions that are made.

    • Physical

      • A student CAN NOT participate in tryouts, practice, or games without an up-to-date physical for the current school year

        • The physical must be valid for the duration of the sports season. If the physical is due to expire, a new physical will be needed for the student to continue participating. 

      • Should a student not have a physical on file, they will be removed from the practice or tryout and not allowed to participate until one is provided.

        • Not being able to try out due to lack of physical could result in a student not making the team, or being dismissed

      • If there are questions, contact Mr. Wilkins or Mrs. Moore, as students are given multiple notifications about physicals. Physical packets are offered to all middle school students interested in sports and can be found on our school website under Athletics.

    • PTA Thriftshop Hours

      • Each Athlete will need to work/earn a minimum of 3 Thriftshop Hours PER SPORT by the date set at the beginning of each season.

        • Student/Athletes who fail to have their hours will not be allowed to participate with their team until their hours are earned.


    Offenses Resulting in Possible Dismissal from Team

    • Below is a suggested range of consequences. Coaches, administration, and the athletic director will work together to determine the appropriate consequence. They have the discretion to implement or recommend consequences above or below those suggested.

      • ISS 

        • Any instances of ISS will result in individual coach disciplinary actions, which may include, but is not limited to, sitting out more than the required 1 game, extra conditioning, etc. 

      • OSS

        • Depending on the severity, OSS could trigger an automatic removal from the team at the consideration of administration and the athletic director.

          • Severity could result in the student not being allowed to tryout or participate in sports for the remainder of the year

      • Grades

        • Any report card with grades below 70 in a core class

        • Progress report grades below 70 trigger probation.  If a student stays on probation, they could be removed by the administration and the athletic director.

      • Pattern Behaviors

        • Minor offenses in the classroom, on the bus, at practice, games, etc. 

          • Being refocused at school, disrespectful to staff, coaches, teammates, etc. 

          • Bullying, lack of sportsmanship, being late to practice or late being picked up repeatedly

        • Pattern behaviors can be brought to the attention of the administration or the athletic director, and result in a discussion amongst all involved parties to determine if continued participation in sports is recommended. 

    *Coaches may give additional consequences for instances of breaking team rules such as extra conditioning, missed game time, etc. that will be at their discretion and discussed at their respective team/parent meeting.

    **Final decisions on removing students from a team rest with 

    administration and the athletic director.



    • Student-athletes will be responsible for meeting and maintaining all eligibility requirements while participating in athletics: Grades, behavior, attendance, physical, etc.

    • Student-athletes will represent themselves, their families, and their school through good sportsmanship on and off the athletic fields and courts.

    • Student-athletes will act as leaders not just on their teams, but in the school setting and demonstrate exemplary behavior. 

    • Student-athletes will follow the directions of their coaches and support teammates at all times. 

    • Student-athletes will attend, participate, and be supportive at all possible practices, games, etc. 

    • When student-athletes stay after school for practices or on game days with their coach or a consenting adult, they WILL stay with said adult and be on their best behavior.

      • *Basketball is the only sport that will require adult supervision before practice. Student-athletes will have the opportunity to stay at the school in a study hall setting or for extra conditioning at the coach's discretion*

    • Student-athletes will give maximum effort in their sport, growing both their knowledge and abilities of said sport while bettering themselves and their experiences.



    • Parents should be fully supportive of their student-athletes and teams, as they are also representing their child, themselves, and the school/community.

    • Parents should demonstrate good sportsmanship, or risk being removed from games by the athletic director, administration, or law enforcement officers on duty. 

    • Parents may be asked to incur some minimal costs to outfit their student-athlete's uniform or equipment needed for participation (this is covered with the required PTA hours - 3 per sport played)

    • Parents, unless given permission by the coach, are asked to NOT attend practices, as many of our teams hold closed practices.

    • Parents are asked to please pick-up or drop-off their student-athlete in a timely manner.  Emergencies arise, but please make sure to communicate any potential transportation issues with the coach beforehand. 

    • Transportation is only provided TO AWAY GAMES; parents are responsible for picking up their student-athlete or making pick-up arrangements for ALL GAMES.

    • Parents - - Do not engage coaches in regard to playing time. Everyone wants to see their child play and succeed, but playing time is earned and determined by the coaching staff.  

    • Trust coaching decisions and hold any negative comments to yourself.  



    • Coaches will create and maintain an environment that is conducive and safe for student-athletes in practice, at games, etc. while being supportive of all.

    • Coaches are responsible for training athletes to better their performance, instructing in relevant skills, and providing encouragement to ensure students meet their full potential.

    • Coaches will maintain good sportsmanship and respectful behavior at all times towards student-athletes, refs or officials, parents, and opposing teams.

    • Coaches will communicate effectively with student-athletes and parents on any practice or scheduling changes, as well as any issues or needs that arise.

    • Coaches will hold a brief parent meeting and discuss rules, procedures, etc. before the season begins.