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  • Yearbook

    Buy a yearbook

    Want to buy a yearbook for this school year? Visit this website and enter school code 2001.

    We want your photos!

    Do you have pictures from events this school year? (We especially need photos from the fall, including fall sports, but we'd love anything you have!) Email them to Ms. Shortley at vshortley@chatham.k12.nc.us or submit them by going to this website, entering school code 2001, and clicking on eShare.

    Eighth-grade quotes

    Eighth-graders: Want to put a memorable quote in the yearbook? Submit a school-appropriate quote using this form.

    Nicknames and preferred names form

    Do you have a nickname? Does everyone know you by a name that isn't your given name? Get it in the yearbook by filling out this form.

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  • Transitioning to high school

    Want to know more about your student's options after they leave Horton? Transitioning your child into high school can be stressful, confusing, or sometimes overwhelming. Our goal at Horton is to make the transition into high school as seamless as possible. Your student has already had the opportunity to hear from some speakers about their opportunities and options that are just around the corner. Click here to learn more.

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  • Volunteer at the PTSA Thrift Shop

    Want to volunteer at the PTSA Thrift Shop? The sign up for February and March is live, as is the sign up for April and May!

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  • Come support the Wildcats girls soccer, volleyball, and baseball teams

    The 2018-19 basketball schedule has been added to the calendar and as a Word doc to the Athletics page. Join our cheerleaders in supporting our teams!

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