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  • SHS Eagles SOAR

    Show growth

    Offer kindness

    Accept responsibility

    Respect ourselves and others


  • Parents and students, check out footage from our Silk Hope Digital Learning Day!  

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  • SHS Updates and Reminders (5.20.18)


    Star Polisher / Estrella del mes

    Congratulations to Mrs. Daniel, our Silk Hope School Star Polisher for the month of April. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Daniel!

    Felicitaciones a la maestra Daniel por ser seleccionada como el miembro destacado del personal de la escuela durante el mes de abril. Gracias por todo lo que hace maestra Daniel.

    Did You Know? / ¿Sabía usted….?

    As the year begins to come to a close, please make sure your child has an adequate amount of money in their lunch account to ensure that a negative balance is not remaining at the end of the year. Money remaining at the end of the year will roll over to the next year.  It also will roll over to high school and to any school in the Chatham County School system.

    Al aproximarse el fin de año escolar les pedimos que verifiquen que sus hijos tengan dinero en su cuenta del almuerzo para que no tengan un saldo negativo. El dinero que queden debiendo este año, aparecerá en el balance del año entrante. También aparecerá en la preparatoria y en cualquier escuela del condado.  


    Silk Hope Art Gallery / Galería de arte de Silk Hope  

    The Silk Hope Art Gallery is now open. The gallery features visual artwork by every Silk Hope student that currently participates in art classes here at Silk Hope School. The artwork will be on display for through the end of the week, so as you come to visit the school, be sure to tour the gallery as we celebrate Silk Hope’s talented students.

    La galería de arte de nuestra escuela ya se encuentra abierta, allí podrán encontrar trabajos de cada estudiante que asiste a clase de arte en Silk Hope. Los trabajos estarán exhibidos hasta el viernes. Son bienvenidos a venir a la escuela y observar el talento de nuestros estudiantes.

    Kindergarten Orientation

    Orientation for rising kindergarten students will be held Monday at 12:30. We invite all rising kindergarten students and their parents to join us but we especially would like to see families who have a child attending school for the first time.

    La reunión de orientación para los futuros estudiantes de kinder se llevará a cabo el lunes a las 12:30. Invitamos a los estudiantes y sus papás para que nos acompañen este día, especialmente a las familias que por primera vez asisten a la escuela con uno de sus hijos/as.

    End-of-Grade Testing / Exámenes de final de año

    Our end of year testing will begin later this week. Dates for each test can be found on the Silk Hope School calendar on the school website.  Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, arrives to school on time, and is ready to do their best. We’ve had an outstanding year and we want our students to show how much they have grown throughout the year.

    To show our support for one another during this time of year we would like to encourage students, all students in grades K-8, to wear a blue shirt or a Silk Hope School shirt during testing days. Wearing the same color will hopefully remind students that we are all in this together and our unity in color will serve as a visual display of support for one another.


    Los exámenes de final de año dan inicio esta semana. Pueden mirar la fechas en el calendario que se encuentra en el sitio web de la escuela. Por favor, asegúrense que sus hijos duerman bien la noche anterior, que lleguen temprano a la escuela y que hagan su mayor esfuerzo. Este ha sido un gran año y queremos que nuestros estudiantes muestren todo lo que han aprendido y lo mucho que han progresado.

    Para mostrar nuestro apoyo, invitamos a todos los estudiantes a vestir una playera azul durante los días de exámenes. La idea de vestir todos el mismo color es darnos cuenta que como una familia, estamos todos juntos en esta parte final del año y usar el mismo color nos da la idea de unión.


    8th Grade Promotion Ceremony / Ceremonia de graduación de los estudiantes de octavo

    8th grade parents, please take note that the 8th grade promotion ceremony will be held Thursday, June 7 at 7pm at Jordan Matthews High School. A reception will be held following the ceremony.

    Padres de familia que tienen hijos en octavo grado, la ceremonia de graduación se realizará el jueves 7 de junio a las 7 de la noche en la escuela Jordan Matthews. Después de la ceremonia habrá una recepción.


    Events for the week include / Eventos para la semana:

    • The PTA Advisory Board will meet Monday at 6:30
    • La junta directiva de la asociación de padres y maestros se reunirá el lunes a las 6:30 de la tarde




    • The Celebration of Learning Carnival will take place Wednesday
    • El carnaval para celebrar los logros de los estudiantes será el miércoles


    • End of Grade Testing for grades 3-8 begins Friday
    • Los exámenes de final de año para los estudiantes de tercero a octavo grado comienzan el viernes



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  • School Lunch With a MySchoolMoney account, paying for school meals is easy. Go to k12PaymentCenter to enroll. You'll need your child's PowerSchool ID number (see your child's teacher or call the front office). Once your account is set up, you’ll have 24-hour access to the information and other benefits.  For more information about how to manage your child's meal account click here




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  • PTA Funding 2017-2018

    How the Silk Hope PTA has supported students and staff during the 2017-2018 school year: 

    • $18,360.00 for technology (60 ipads and cases)
    • $5,000 for field trips K-7
    • $10,000 for 8th grade DC trip (through parent/student work nights)
    • $6,800.00 for professional development/subs for teachers
    • About $4,000.00 in subscriptions for teachers to use with students
    • About $13,000 for student clubs, sports, and activities including science fair, drama club, beta club, athletics,etc.
    • Remaining is budgeted for supplies or classroom needs, incentives for PBIS and EOY

    Thank you Silk Hope School parents/guardians, family, and community members for supporting our school. We are greatful to have a "community" committed to excellence.


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  • Jostens Yearbook

    Click to purchase a Silk Hope School yearbook.



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  • We Love Volunteers

    We appreciate our Silk Hope School volunteers!  Please be sure to complete the your volunteer application for 2017-2018!  Click here to access application.


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  • peachjar logo

    Peach Jar eFlyers

    Would you like to receive digital flyers about school-related activities as well as approved community events. To view SHS eFlyers or for instructions on how to sign up to receive them via email click here. You will see recent eFlyers posted and also be able to register for email notifications.



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  • Box Tops One of Silk Hope School's easiest fundraiser is collecting Box Tops for Education. Clipping the $0.10 coupons quickly add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars for our school. This year the PTA's goal is to raise $4,000.  Visit the Box Tops homepage to learn which products carry the Box Tops label, print out valuable coupons, and much more.  PTA is collecting Box Tops for Education. 




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    Anonymous Tip/Bullying Reporting Form

    Please click this link to report an incidence of bullying that may require investigation. If you feel like this is an emergency and need to speak with someone please contact Mrs. Wilson (school counselor) or Mrs. Brady-Andrew/Mrs. Petty (school administrators) at 919-742-3911.

    Please note, we define bullying as repeated and intentional behavior that hurts another person physically or emotionally. We base this decision on how the victim is feeling. Bullying may include:
    - Physical bullying: hitting, kicking, pushing, choking, punching, etc.
    - Verbal bullying: threatening, taunting, teasing, rumor spreading, hate speech, name calling, extortion, etc.
    - Relational bullying: exclusion from activities, social isolation, sexual intimidation, harassment, etc.
    - Cyber bullying: bullying through the use of technology (email, texts, social media, etc.)



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Silk Hope Highlights

Principal's Message

  • Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I hope you were able to do all of the things that make summer both restful and exciting.  

    The entire faculty and staff extend their best wishes to you for a successful school year.  Each of us looks forward to supporting you in a successful year of academic and personal growth.

    As we begin the new year, I want to remind everyone within our school community that the success of Silk Hope School has been, and always will be, a result of combined and cooperative effort.  As we enter the new school year, know that I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. I would like to extend an invitation for your active participation, which will be appreciated by our entire staff.

    Thank you and welcome to an exciting and rewarding year!