MISSION Our school’s mission is to provide an atmosphere that encourages and nurtures creativity and innovation through acceptance, collaboration, equity, integrity, and personal responsibility in order to help students build a commitment to social, emotional and academic growth and excellence.. 

    SERVICES PROVIDED Ms. Saylor provides individual & group counseling and crisis intervention services to students as well as referrals to community agencies, if necessary. She provides support to parents regarding ways to better understand their child's developmental and academic needs and techniques to assist their child's educational progress. She works closely with teachers in consulting on students' behavioral and personal development needs. In addition, the student services department also works on student records issues, college and high school class scheduling, and 4-year university application information. For more information about what counselors do and the profession of school counseling, visit the American School Counseling Association website.

    NEED TO SEE THE COUNSELOR? To schedule an appointment with Ms. Saylor, a student should:

    1. Click to make an appointment online 

    2. Email Ms. Saylor directly: jsaylor@chatham.k12.nc.us

    3. Stop by Ms. Saylor's office before school, during lunch, or after school to set up an appointment with her. Depending on the counselor’s schedule, she will do her best to see the student as soon as possible.

    4. If there is an emergency situation, a teacher can refer a student to the student services office at any time and they will be assisted.