LOCATION: Pollard Health Room

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    The Booster Club Board:
    VACANT - President
    Natasha Adams - Co-VP
    Craig Adams - Co-VP
    VACANT - Secretary
    Rachel Cutler Baliff - Treasurer
  • What is the Mustang Booster Club? 

    The Mustang Booster Club is a nonprofit organization which is run by parent volunteers. We help by providing assistance, funding and supplies which are not covered by the school’s budget for Music, Arts and Athletics.
    What does the Booster Club do? 

    We assist with the needed financial support these groups may need throughout the year to keep them active.  For example, we cover the cost of gas for the athletic buses for away games and provide money to the band to help maintain the instruments.  We operate a Gap program which provides supervision to students in the “gap” of time between the end of school and the beginning of sporting events. Students are not allowed to reamin on campus afterschool for home games without proper adult supervision. We also maintain a concession stand for all sporting events. The concession stand is run by volunteers. (GAP cost is $2, does not include admission costs to the game, if any.)
    How can you participate? 

    Join the Mustang Booster Club! (There are no dues, just email Booster Club President at boosterclub@mbpptsa.org and they will add you to the mailing list!) In order for our Music, Arts and Athletics programs to run successfully, we need help and support from the community. There are many ways you can help volunteer. They include: team parent, concession stand duty, gap duty, working at the PTA Thrift Shop, chaperoning dances, and serving on the board. All volunteers must be approved by the school district, click here for instructions and to begin the application or renewal process.

    Attend meetings! They are held monthly, or as needed for special events. Check out the calendar for dates...

    Booster Club GAP and Concessions Stand Volunteers

    *Volunteers who sign up for Booster Club Volunteer Opportunities at Pollard MUST complete and be approved via the online application process designated by Chatham County Schools prior to the time they volunteer. Volunteers must apply and be approved each school year. The process is easy and quick! 

    Click here for instructions and to begin the application or renewal process.



    GAP Instructions

    GAP is a program that provides an option for students to remain on school grounds, under supervision, in the "gap" of time between the end of school hours and the start time of athletic events. The cost is $2.00 per student. GAP is offered during the fall and spring sports seasons.
    Please click HERE for GAP instructions.

    Booster Club Volunteer Registration

    Please see a booster officer, team coach/parent, or an arts representative/teacher for opportunities to volunteer.


    ATHLETIC/CLUB CALENDAR and Athletic Information