• How to help your Children be Successful in DL Programs


    1. Interact with them as much as possible, every day. Talk, sing, play, recite, celebrate., etc. In what language? Your best language. As the first teachers of our children, we want to be good language models, behavior models, etc.
    1. Read to your children as much as possible in your best language. Academic language is found in books.
    1. Talk about what they are learning (see below).
    1. Expose your children to experiences tied to academic content: go to museums, plays, interact with nature, etc. so that they have a connection with what they are learning in school.
    1. Develop a strong sense of self in your child. 
    1. Understand that they are bilingual and are becoming bicultural. Emphasize how advantageous it is to be bilingual, inculcate pride in Spanish and English, and foster an appreciation of culture and different perspectives.



     Two Way Immersion Program


    Multiple Benefits of Dual Language





    • Show your book. What pages did you work on today?
    • Show me your (map, book, journal, etc.)
    • Read this part to me. (Indicate a section in the page.)
    • Tell me in your own words what this means.
    • Show me your homework. Read this part. Tell me what steps you have to take to solve this problem. (First, second, next, finally, . . .)
    • Tell me more about ______________________(the theme being studied)


    • What book/story are you reading?
    • Show me your book. Tell me about what happened in the story.
    • What pages did you read today? Read this part to me.
    • (Your child reads.) Tell me in your own words what you just read.
    • Tell me more about ___________________ (the theme of the story, or facts about a character).
    • What do you think will happen next?

    Every time you can talk to your children about what you know about the themes they are studying, you help them deepen their learning.