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  • ALL students enrolled in honors level English I-IV or AP literature will be tested on the summer reading the second week of school. Students taking their English class in the Fall will test with their teachers during class. Students taking their English class in the Spring will test as following the schedule below:


    Grade Level

    Testing Date

    (during Plus 1)

    Testing Location


    Tue  9-6



    Wed 9-7



    Thu   9-8



    Fri      9-9


    Freshman Honors English I students, see below to access an optional study guide to prepare for the assessment.


    Link  Outliers Study Guide 2016


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  • Calc

    Northwood Calculator Policy

    A graphing calculator is essential for all math students at NHS. The math department is recommending the TI-84+ graphing calculator (including models C or CE). This calculator will be appropriate for all math classes at NHS.

    Most classwork assignments and end of year tests will require using this graphing calculator. We believe your student’s success in his/her math class is dependent on the use of this calculator. Having a personal calculator is a benefit to your student by allowing them to practice at home and better prepare for exams. Please consider making this investment for your student. Take advantage of back to school sales!

    If you are unable to purchase a calculator, you may request that a school calculator be assigned to your student for in-class use. Additionally, a limited number of calculators will be available to check-out for the semester.


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    *****Charger Challenge Hours Update*****

    The Charger Challenge hours each year run from July 1 to June 30. Seniors who want to receive a Charger Community Cord must complete 40 of 120 hours of community service in their senior year. All Senior community hours must be turned in by May 10th of each year. If students have any questions in reference to Charger Challenge hours or need to turn in hours, please see Mrs. Foxx-Williams.

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  • HS 1-to-1 Student Laptop Program - Fee Evaluation

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  • Click the link above to access the new online payment system.  
    This service allows parents/guardians, students, teachers, and staff the option to pay for school activities, fees and events, such as field trips, yearbooks, fundraisers, and other items using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Debit Card). 

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  • Transcript Requests

    Current students or 2016 Graduates should come by or contact Student Services (919-542-5877) to request transcripts at no charge.  

    Students who graduated prior to 2016 must use the link below to request student records or transcripts.  Checks, credit/debit cards or money orders are accepted forms of payment through this system. 

    Please submit student records or transcript requests HERE.

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Principal's Message

  • Dear NHS Family and Community,


    The 2015-2016 year will bring with it constant challenges, opportunities, and new experiences for all of you.  As always, Northwood will continue to strive to providing the most challenging, inspirational, and beneficial educational opportunities to meet your academic, artistic, athletic, and activity needs.  The expectations the faculty and staff have of our students and school community remain extremely high. We expect that you will always put forth your best effort, that you will take responsibility for your actions (both good and bad), that you will respect your brethren (particularly your peers), and that you will soak up every moment and opportunity that the school provides you. The opportunities to create positive experiences at Northwood are extensive, so be sure to take advantage of them. At the end of your high school career, we want you to have experienced a variety of opportunities that the school provides and, in doing so, have found a passion for a particular area that you continue on with throughout your professional career.  Even those experiences where you may have participated in a course or an activity, but you did not really enjoy it are invaluable as they help you determine where you want to go in your life.  Both experiences are important.


    As you progress through your high school career, know that we are here to help you. If you have questions, ask us. If you are running into challenges, let us talk them through with you. All of the adults in our building are part of this profession because we want you to be successful, so make certain that you come and speak with any of us whenever you think you may need help, support, or advice!


    ~ Dr. Bartholomew