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  • Horton Middle Administrator Search Survey

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    Please take the short survey at http://survey.k12insight.com/k/RQsRYVTsSUTsPsPsP  to help us determine the qualities you desire in the next Principal for Horton Middle School. The survey will remain open through Wednesday, May 18.

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  • NHS Dance Team Tryouts will be held in the Northwood auditorium Monday, May 16th - Wednesday, May 18th from 3:45pm-5:30pm.  During the  first two days the dancers will learn the material needed for the final audition which is held on Wednesday, May 18th at 3:45pm.
    There will be a parent meeting on Monday, May 23rd for the dancers who make the team.  There will be a payment of $289 due at this meeting for Dance Team Camp, as well as additional fees for apparel and uniforms.
    If you need an audition packet please see Mrs. Shahid-EL

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  • #ThankATeacher




    Teacher are real life superheroes.  They educate, innovate, encourage, and support.  Every day they touch the lives of millions of children and their work and impact extends far beyond the coundaries of the classroom.


    Especially this week, celebrate these real life superheroes during PTA Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, 2016.  The staff at Horton Middle School will enjoy breakfast each day and some extra surprises during the week, including hearing from individual students and families like YOU!


    How Yo Can Show Appreciation

    PTA Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to thank teachers for the difference they make.



    Tell us on Facebook, Horton Middle School PTSA (Pittsboro NC), about a teacher who had an impact on your life and how youplan to celebrate teachers during the week.



    Show you support for the tremendouse work teachers do by volunteering to donate classroom supplies or do other work for a teacher.



    Send a thank you card to a special teacher in your life or a teacher of a child in your life.



    Show appreciation for a teacher(s) by giving an appreciation gift such as a thank-you card, flower, facvorite gruit, facorite candy, personal hand soap or lotion, gift car. You know your teacher best!





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  • Dear Parents, 

    Our school is in need of a few hours of your time. We are required by law to have proctors for EOG testing and are in need of volunteers. Please donate your time to help us out! 
    If you are interested, please register to volunteer by clicking this link. If you were approved last year, you must renew your registration this year. 
    Thank you!
    Horton Middle School

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  • 3rd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

    Congratulations Wildcats!




    5th Grade A Honor Roll 

    Lexi Anthenien, Gace Burns, Rylan Camara, Jared Cooper, Owen Crutchfield, Kalena Delgado, Sally Dillon, Grant Drouin, Nellielou Errett, Sonya Fleming, Willis Flores, Kasey Holder, Gabe Klier, Solveig Lee, Ava Lyons Ayden Pyle, Trey Pyle.
    5th Grade A/B Honor Roll 
    Angelica Beck, Te'Keyah Bland, Brandi Boggess, Thomas Campbell, Andraya Church, Courtney Clinger, Hughson Crean, Alexa Creech, Seth Davis, Henry Dillon, Brooke Dyment, Alan Flores-Zarala,Tanner Fogle, Ava Jones, Tristian Jones, Levi Kennedy, Chloe Klungseth, Adrianna Lindsey, Sierra Martin, Abi McLaurin, Nathan McWilliams, Millie Miralda, Sydney Monte, Allyson Palmer, Brooklyn Pease, Amanda Rohn, Addison Scott, Luke Smith, Brayden Spradley, Serenity Springle, Savannah Sykes, Samantha Thurber, Kallista Wilkinson.
    6th Grade A Honor Roll 
    Anthony Barrios, Adam Beaulieu, Lucas Beaulieu, Marek Beaulieu, Bentley Brooks, Geovany Chavez, Tate Clark, Jose Gaytan Rangel, Emma Greffeuille, Katelyn Haley, Roselyn Hopp, Emma Iacono, Walker Johnson, Arianna Massie, Aza McFadden, Lukas Salay, Jacob Shaw, Andrew Trotter, Carolina Yell.
    6th Grade A/B Honor Roll
    Angel Alvarado, Sergio Alvarado-Ortiz, Sarah Autry, Ayanna Blake, Hunter Brown, Robbie Delgado, Peter Droese, Isaiah Glasgow, Henry Goller, Kirk Haddix, Ryan Hilliard, Briana Iturralde, Andrew Lesher-Thomas, Seth Lewis, Nick Lovingood, Liam Maley, Andrew Parker, Kayleigh Romel, Anthony Trotter, James Wade.
    7th Grade A Honor Roll
    Cael Anspach, Liliana Arias, Tony Barrios, Evan Boggess, Shane Bright, Colby Burleson, Avery Buster, Rachael Covington, Nathan Davis, Zoe Edwards, Konrad Feher, Emi Johnson, Bailey Jones, Davis Neff, Shelby Peace, Erika Seils, Elza Sparrow, Mason Spencer, Ursula Sugiyama, Elli Tarlton, Virinia Villianuera, Ethan Watson, Siann White, Tessa Yell.
    7th Grade A/B Honor Roll
    Tyler Blanford, Alex Cameron, Madelyn Cunningham, Alex D'Andrea, Jade Delgado, Trevor Ellis, Carter Johnson, Jacob Mattison, Jake McCall, Amari McClain, Elijah Moore, Alexis Montemayor, Hannah Mundy, Dylan O'Daniel, Nayeli Rosales, Catherine Skeen, Alex Smith, Justin Taylor, AJ Todd, Wiley Upshaw.
    8th Grade Honor Roll
    Jacqueline Anthenien, Caitlin Bailey, Noah Clark, Lauren Davis, Sarah Fowler, Amber Haley, Jillian Holt, Tyler Johnson, John Kurz, Lauren LaChance, Mackenzie Lesher-Thomas, Madeline Loops, Zie Norris, Ashlyn Smith, Shamar Wilson.
    8th Grade A/B Honor Roll;
    Kendra Allen, Krystin Bland, Kamryn Brown, Natha Carson, Chloe Chamberlain, Taylor Crane, Leia Davis, Edmundo Delgadillo Delgado, Clayton Dillon, Kennedy Farrar, Cindy Lin, Camryn Marshall, David Mateo, Ja'hon McLean, Tyler Melville, Chase Miller, Blue Newell, Justin Schober, Elena Shipp, Mikayla Smith, Chandler Stubbs, Gabrielle Teran.


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  • Dear Parents, 

    Our school is in need of a few hours of your time. We are required by law to have proctors for EOG testing and are in need of volunteers. Please donate your time to help us out! 
    If you are interested, please register to volunteer by clicking this link. If you were approved last year, you must renew your registration this year. 
    Thank you!
    Horton Middle School

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  • Got Yearbook?










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  • Congratulations to the Horton Science Olympiad team who had a great showing at the Science Olympiad competition at Campbell University over the weekend.


    Those competitors were:

    Daniel Kloeffler Lauren LaChance
    Chase Miller Clayton Dillon
    Maddie Loops Jackson Davis
    Elena Shipp Konrad Feher
    Shamar Wilson Alexander Smith
    Jacqui Anthenien Andrew Lesher-Thomas
    Andrew Castro Lukas Salay
    Noah Clark Deacon Shahid-EL
    Amber Haley Katelyn Haley



    Against very challenging opposition Horton came in 12th place out of 20 schools.  


    Special congratulations to:

    • Chase Miller and Lauren LaChance who placed 3rd in the Mission Possible event
    • Katelyn Haley and Deacon Shahid-El who placed 3rd in the Elastic Launched Glider event 
    • Jacqui Anthenien and Clayton Dillon who placed 6th in the Air Trajectory event

    Thank you for making Horton proud with all your hard work over the season.



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  • 8th Grade Parents: 
    The 2015-2016 school year is nearly complete, which means it's almost yearbook time! Parents, that means it's time to break out the baby books and photo albums to find the best pictures of your rising high schooler. Space in the yearbook has been reserved for you to purchase one-eighth page spaces for only $20 to honor your child. Please visit the HMS website for the flyer and payment information. Don't delay! Absolutely no submissions will be accepted after Thursday, March 24th
    Please click the link below!
    Thank you!

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  • March 11th is the deadline to register online through PowerSchool for Northwood High School.  Students who do not choose their courses through PowerSchool by the deadline will have their courses chosen for them by their counselors.  Please contact Mrs. Shahid-EL for additional information.



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  • If you haven't seen it yet, please check out Time Warner Cable News' story on Ms.Wignall and our moon rocks  below.


    Chatham County Middle School Lesson Includes Actual Moon Rocks


    Way to go Mrs. Wignall!



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  • 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year Mrs. Zerbs!


    Congratulations to Mrs. Zerbs on being selected as the 2016-2017 Horton Middle School Teacher of the Year!






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  • Reader's Oath




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  • HMS Book Drive




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  • DonorsChoose projects for Mrs. Wignall and Mr. Walgate!
    Mrs. Wignall's and Mr. Walgate's DonorsChoose projects are listed below. Please click the links below to support their initiatives!



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  • 2nd Nine Weeks HMS Honor Roll
    5th Grade A Honor Roll,
    Lexi Anthenien, Grace Burns, Alexa Creech, Jared Cooper, Kelena Delgado, Grant Drouin, Nellielou Errett, Willis Flores, Kasey Holder, Solveig Lee, Brooklyn Pease, Ayden Pyle, Samantha Thurber.
    5th Grade A/B Honor Roll
    Angelica Beck, Brandi Boggess, Rylan Camara, Thomas Campbell, Andraya Church, Courtney Clinger, Hughson Crean, Seth Davis, Sally Dillon, Anna Droese, Heidi Fleming, Sonya Fleming, Tanner Fogle, Ava Jones, Levi Kennedy, Gabe Klier, Ava Lyons, Abi McLaurin, Nathan McWilliams, Sydney Monte, Trey Pyle, Amanda Rohn, Benjamin Schoolcraft, Addison Scott, Luke Smith, Serenity Springle, LV Swann, Abigail Villa-Reyes, Kallista Wilkinson.
    6th Grade A Honor Roll,
    Hannah Barnes, Lucas Beaulieu, Bentley Brooks, Tate Clark, Jose Gaytan-Rangel, Henry Goller, Emma Greffeuille, Katelyn Haley, Ryan Hilliard, Roselyn Hopp, Emma Iacono, Walker Johnson, Seth Lewis, Arianna Massie, Aza McFadden, Kayleigh Romel, Andrew Trotter, Carolina Yell.
    6th Grade A/B Honor Roll,
    Sergoi Alvarado-Ortiz, Anthony Barrios, Adam Beaulieu, Marek Beaulieu, Ayanna Blake, Austin Bowman, Hunter Brown, Emily Carlin, Geovany Chavez, Spencer Courter, Robbie Delgado, Peter Droese, Kirk Haddix, Amaya Horne, Hannah Lawson, Andrew Lesher-Thomas, Liam Maley, Eira Faustine Mauldin-Williams, Hannah O'Neill, Isabel Perry, Audrey Roberts, Lukas Salay, Mayci Seymore, Jacob Shaw, Anthony Trotter, James Wade, Jacee Whitaker, Taylor White, Olivia Whittemore, Chris Wyrick.
    7th Grade A Honor Roll,
    Liliana Arias, Tony Barrios, Shane Bright, Colby Burleson, Avery Buster, Zoe Edwards, Bailey Jones, Jacob Mattison, Davis Neff, Alex Smith, Eliza Sparrow, Ursula Sugiyama, Ellie Tarlton, Virginia Villianueva, Tessa Yell.
    7th Grade A/B Honor Roll,
    Cael Anspach, Evan Boggess, Alex Cameron, Rachel Covington, Madelyn Cunningham, Nathan Davis, Konrad Feher, Emi Johnson, Jake McCall, Alexis Montemayor, Dylan O'Daniel, Kaithyn Parker, Nayeli Rosales, Erika Seils, Mason Spencer, Justin Taylor, Wiley Upshaw, Ethan Watson, Siann White.
    8th Grade A Honor Roll,
    Jacqueline Anthenien, Kamryn Brown, Noah Clark, Lauren Davis, Sarah Fowler, Amber Haley, Jillian Holt, Tyler Johnson, John Kurz, Lauren LaChance, Bjorn Lee, Mackenzie Lesher-Thomas, Madeline Loops, Camryn Marshall, Chase Miller, Zie Norris, Ashlyn Smith, Mikayla Smith, Chandler Stubbs, Lena Thorne, Shamar Wilson.
    8th Grade A/B Honor Roll
    Naomi Aquado, Caitlin Bailey, Krystin Bland, Chloe Chamberlain, Taylor Crane, Clayton Dillon, Kennedy Farrar, Samantha Laaper, David Mateo, Aaron Ross, Gabrielle Teran, Vanessa Valdez.


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  • Welcome to Registration 2016!


    Online Registration: Students will register online through PowerSchool at Horton Middle School. Log into the student or parent portal anytime during your grade level's registration window to select your courses. Students who do not choose courses through PowerSchool by the deadline will have their courses chosen for them by their counselors.  



    2015-2016 Chatham County Schools High School Registration Guide






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  • HMS Parent Climate Survey

    Dear Wildcat Parents,

    We want to know what YOU think about your child’s school. The information from the survey will help us improve student
    relationships, learning conditions, and the school’s overall environment.

    Please remember:

    YOUR answers are confidential.

    No one will be told how you answered.

    This survey is voluntary.

    Finally, you do NOT have to answer any question if you do not want to, but we hope you will answer as many questions as you can.

    Please click this link to begin ----->      https://bit.ly/1Sxt5ii

    Thank you!



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Horton Middle Highlights

  • Horton Students Departing for Summer Leadership Institute

    Summer Leadership Institute Students

    Horton Middle School was selected to send a team of students to a Student Leadership Institute run by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Over 100 schools applied and 26 were selected from elementary, middle and high schools across the state.

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  • Summer Leadership Institute Students at Pheiffer University  photo


    As we begin a new school year, it's time to reflect on the student and staff accomplishments for the 2014-2015 school year and BRAG a little!

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Principal's Message

  • Greetings Students and Parents,

    I would like to welcome you to Horton Middle School and to an exciting new school year. We are looking forward to assisting you in fulfilling your educational goals. We expect you to meet the goals which have been set, to carry on the Horton tradition, and to make this a better place through the positive changes in our expectations. You can benefit from everything Horton Middle School has to offer. If you encounter difficulties, seek out any of our trained professionals, and we will do our best to help you. We are here to make your year successful, yet educationally challenging, as possible. We welcome the opportunity to inspire you as you proceed through your middle school journey.

    Principal Mattie Smith