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  • Lunar Rocks from NASA are on display TUESDAY NIGHT!

    Horton 6th Grader Moon Ambassadors will host a community wide event to showcase authentic Lunar Rocks from NASA'a Apollo Program. The moon rock disc will be on display on February 21, 5:30 to 6:30, directly before the PTA meeting. 
    Moon Ambassadors will host activities for families and the public to enjoy and educate about what you see when you actually look up at the moon!
    Please join us for this "out of this world" event!!
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    Congratulations to HMS A/AB Honor Roll students for 2nd 9 weeks!

    5th Grade A Honor Roll, 

    Ava Arias, Anna Bolejack, Ryan Brinker, Marissa Clouse, Allison Elmore, Katelyn Harvey, Charley Howard, Andrew Johnson, Michelle Kirkman, William Lara Fonseca, Jake Leighton, Carina Massie, Josie Mattison, Lily McMahon, Louis Nielsen, Vivienne O'Bryan, Haley O'Neill, Brianna Pica, Meredith Reese, Samuel Rogers, Celeste Smith, Lindsay Smith, Georgia Squires, Logan Thomas, Carson Wright.
    5th Grade A/B Honor Roll,
    Sofia Alvarado-Marin, Brody Aydt, Jacqueline Basilio, Jaylynn Bostic, Justin Coker, Joseph Cunningham, Elaine Daniels, Evan Davis, Frey Davis, Ashton Elliott, Ainsley Finley, Gus Fisher, Ossiah Gannon, Tijai Garcia, Rangel Gaytan, Marshall Goller, Charley Gooch, Cavory Granger, Kirsten Gutkowski, Lochian Haddix, Daniel Hall, Javier Henderson, Fernando Herrera-Garcia, Caden Hinnant, Joshua Holshauser, Brooke Huffman, Emily Jognson, Isabella Joseph, Peter Kundig, Marissa Kurz, Parker Littlefair, Brandon Montgomery, Logan Neal, Sariah Rice, Coen Savage, Breanna Schwankl, Diana Soto Sales, Thomas Springle, Clara Tarlton, Jordan Taylor, Olivia Taylor, Sarah Warfford, Rylee Welch, Kaleb Wilcox.
    6th Grade A Honor Roll,
    Alexandra Anthenien, Angelica Beck, Isabelle Blair, Brandi Boggess, Grace Burns, Alexa Creech, Owen Crutchfield, Seth Davis, Kalena Delgado, Grant Drouin, Nellielou Errett, Sonya Fleming, Aurora Fletcher, William Flores, Cora Fritsche, Catherine Hall, Kasey Holder, Sydney Kelly, Gabriel Klier, Solveig Lee, Ava Lyons, Brooklyn Pease, Ayden Pyle, AmandaRohn, Benjamin Schoolcraft, Samantha Thurber, Gino Valenti.
    6th Grade A/B Honor Roll, 
    Aubrey Byrd, Rylan Camara, Andraya Church, CourtneyClinger, Hughson Crean, Anna Droese, Mi-Yana Fearrington, Heidi Fleming, Tanner Fogle, Diamonique Harris, Jayden Hendriksma, Safiyah Ibraham-Essia, Ava Jones, Tristian Jones, Levi Kennedy, Chloe Klungseth, Adrianna Lindsay, Jack McCrimmon-Staley, Abigayle McLaurin, Matti McNaron, Nathan McWilliams, Millie Miralda, Allyson Palmer, Trey Pyle, Ahtziri Quintero Aguilar, Keaton Schober, Lucas Smith, Leslie Swann, Abigail Villa Reyes, Keaghan Wilcox, Kallista Wilkinson.
    7th Grade A Honor Roll,
    Hannah Barnes, Lucas Beaulieu, Ayanna Blake, Bentley Brooks, Emily Carlin, Tate Clark, Jose Gaytan Rangel, Emma Greffeuille, Kirk Haddix, Katelyn Haley, Ryan Hilliard, Roselyn Hopp, Emma Iacono, Walker Johnson, Seth Lewis, Arianna Massie, Aza McFadden, Kayleigh Romel, Lukas Salay, Jacob Shaw, Caroline Yell.
    7th Grade A/B Honor Roll,
    Sergio Alvarado-Ortiz, Sarah Autry, Anthony Barrios, Adam Beaulieu, Marek Beaulieu, Austin Bowman, Hunter Brown, Peter Droese, Jaime Gallegos, Isaiah Glasgow, Henry Goller, Amaya Horne, William Maley, Hannah O'Neill, Andrew Parker, Kristiane Perry, Andrew Trotter, Anthony Trotter, Taylor White, Braden Withers, Christopher Wyrick.
    8th Grade Honor Roll,
    Zora Andrews, Liliana Arias, Evan Boggess, Colby Burleson, Avery Buster, Gabriela Collazos, Alex D'Andrea, Nathan Davis, Zoe Edwards, Bailey Jones, Alexis Montemayor, Davis Neff, Shelby Peace, Nayeli Rosales Contreras, Erika Seils, Katherine Skeen, Alexander Smith, Eliza Sparrow, Ursula Sugiyama, Elisa Tarlton, Virginia Villanueva, Mary Yell.
    8th Grade A/B Honor Roll, Cael Anspach, Tony Barrios, Tyler Blanford, Shane Bright, William Cameron, Rachel Covington, Jade Delgado-Flores, Elora DeMaio, Samuel Dillon, Tenzin Faulkner, Collin Hendriksma, Emi Johnson, Carter Johnson, Malachi Levy, Jacob Mattison, Jacob McCall. Amari McLain, Elijah Moore, Hannah Mundy, Dene O'Daniel, Dylan O'Daniel, Michaela Page, Jessica Shortlidge, Mason Spencer, Justin Taylor, Joseph Upshaw, Ethan Watson, Siann White, Gracie Wright.
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  • February Teacher of the month

    HMS teacher of the month for February is Ms. Henry! Congratulations!

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  • Come Celebrate with us!

    GMH Day

    George Moses Horton Day

    Horton Middle School

    2/27/17      8:45 am

    Please click HERE to RSVP!

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  • 8th grade parent night

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  • Toomer Talk With Toomer Feedback Form

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  • Parent Survey

    AdvancED Survey:

    During the 2016-2017 school year, Chatham County Schools will be participating in the AdvancEd accreditation process.  This is a continuous improvement process that is lead by the AdvancEd organization.  AdvancEd is the largest community of education professionals in the world. They conduct rigorous, on-site external reviews of Pre-K-12 schools and school systems all over the world to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.  In an effort to improve system practices, Chatham County School System is conducting a Parent Survey.  We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this survey. Please select HORTON MIDDLE SCHOOL from the dropdown menu. In order to complete the survey, please go to our website and locate the link on the front page. http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/9760589

    If you wish to complete this survey in Spanish, you must do this on paper as the online portal is only available in English.  You can receive a copy at the front desk if needed.  
    Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous.  Your honest opinion is appreciated.  The survey will be open through November 18th. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    AdvancED Survey (Spanish):

    Durante el año escolar 2016-2017, las Escuelas del Condado de Chatham van a participar en un proceso de acreditación por parte de  AdvancEd; esta organización conduce un proceso de mejoramiento  continuo. AdvancEd es la mayor comunidad de profesionales de la educación en el mundo. Ellos llevan a cabo rigurosos controles externos en el sitio en escuelas desde  Pre-K al 12 grado y en todos los sistemas escolares del mundo para asegurar que todos los estudiantes alcancen su máximo potencial. En un esfuerzo por mejorar las prácticas de nuestro  sistema escolar, las  Escuelas del Condado de Chatham están llevando a cabo una encuesta para los padres. Valoramos su opinión y pedimos que se tome el tiempo para completar esta encuesta. Seleccione el nombre de la escuela en el menú  que se desplegará cuando abra la página con el fin de completar la encuesta. Por favor vaya a:


     Puede estar seguro de que sus respuestas en  esta encuesta serán anónimas. Su opinión honesta será muy apreciada. La encuesta estará abierta hasta el 1 de diciembre. Gracias por su tiempo y atención a esta encuesta.

     Si usted necesita completar esta encuesta en español, la tendrá que hacer en papel, ya que en línea está disponible sólo en ingles. Usted puede recibir una copia si la solicita en la recepción de su escuela.

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Principal's Message

  • Greetings Students and Parents, 

    Welcome to Horton Middle School, home of the Wildcats!  We look forward to a great year ahead.  We are committed to student achievement and meeting the needs of all students.  As a Wildcat, there are numerous opportunities to excel both academically and behaviorally.  We strive for academic excellence and produce leaders for the future.  We expect that all students take advantage of academic clubs, extra-curricular activities, the arts, service projects and more.  It is our vision to provide the platform for all students to be successful and prepared for life after middle school.  We welcome the opportunity for community partnerships, stakeholder and parental involvement contributing to student success.  Our dedicated staff are here for you!  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.


    Your Principal,

     Valencia Toomer


    Toomer photo




Horton Middle Highlights

  • Getting ready for the Moon Exhibit.

    HMS students are making surfaces for the Moon Rock Exhibit. Ms. Syroid says, "My students will host an event 2-21 5:30-6:30 showcasing authentic lunar rocks from NASA'S Apollo program. Come to this "out of this world" event!

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  • Bus Driver Appreciation Week

    HMS wants our Bus Drivers to know that they are truly appreciated! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our students!

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  • Grant Drouin, 6th grade HMS, captures lunar eclpise

    ‚ÄčThis is a picture of the Eclipse I shot from my backyard. Caught the darkened "bite" out of the moon very well. Have a good evening!

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  • National Counselor Week

    Thank you, Ms. Davis. for all that you do for HMS students! We really appreciate you!

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  • HMS went to see "Hidden Figures"

    "The movie Hidden Figures was amazing! It showed the civil rights struggle of the time period along with the tension of the NASA space project. The movie featured three, very intelligent, African American, NASA workers who I didn't even know existed. The movie was moving, inspirational and had many humorous moments and sassy comebacks. This is definitely a movie I would recommend watching. Even though there are plenty of meanings of the title "Hidden Figures", I think there is only one moral of the story: Struggle will only bring success with hard work and effort. I give this movie 5 stars out of 5!" Mason Spencer

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  • Success Assembly

    Lots of parents came by today to help HMS Staff celebrate the achievements of our students!

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  • Holly Goldberg Sloan visitis HMS!

    Famous author/producer Holly Goldberg Sloan came and spoke to students about her life and latest book. McIntyre books donated copies so our students can read "Short". Thanks, McIntyre Books!

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  • HMS Alumni Night

    We had an amazing turnout of Horton Alums on Tuesday!

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  • 5th grade dance

    Lots of 5th grade students redeemed ROAR tickets to attend a dance!

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  • Northwood HS Registration

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  • Snow Days!

    Winter is here at HMS! We hope you all enjoyed the snow days!

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  • HMS assessment grant winner

    HMS teachers competed yesterday for an assessment grant by making a "graffiti wall"., and the winning department won extra funds. The winners of the assessment graffiti wall are.....The specialists department! Congrats HMS specialists!

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  • Holiday parade

    HMS joined the Pittsboro Holiday Parade!

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  • Limo ride

    Students who sold the most fund raising materials won a limo ride!

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  • Donor's Choose

    Thank you all for your support! We can now take our morning announcement videos and audiovisual projects to the next level. Thanks again for supporting Mr. Walgate's Donor's Choose request! All donations are being matched by a generous anonymous donor. We can now purchase a green screen, a tripod and a quality microphone to make our school videos more professional. Thanks for you all!

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